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Wales Investments, Inc. provides comprehensive fee-based wealth management services to individual clients, business owners and institutions. We utilize a customized approach in analyzing and planning a client's investment portfolio, estate plan, cash flow, income taxes and retirement. Investment strategy recommendations are based solely on the client's specific needs, circumstances and goals. We update financial plans periodically to ensure that the client's needs are reflected in the current investment strategy.

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Your Corporate Qualified 401k - Can You Retire On It?

We all know that the standard retirement plan today in Corporate America is a 401k. Gone are the days that the paternal feelings of a company could afford to take care of the employees after a 35 year career and paid for a pension for you for the rest of the employee's life. The workforce is much more mobile and competition in the industries does not allow the cost of a pension plan in most companies. Today a stark reality has dawned and we realize that we are alone in our journey to find the final Holy Grail “Retirement”.

Can this retirement vehicle provide for our retirement? Here are some sobering statistics... Read More...


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Compounding to Retirement

A lot of focus is placed on being responsible for your own retirement by setting aside money ever year consistently towards that goal. It is not enough to just set aside money but to also invest it.

Take the case of Anne who has just begun her first job and has started to save some money. She invests the $16,500 she has saved in a liquid CD, earning her about a 2% interest. At the end of 10 years... Read More...

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